People watch & share Heart & Soil several times a year.

Hello Mara,
I am the garden teacher at Edge High School in Tucson.  I saw “Heart and Soil” on the Documentary channel with my husband over the holiday break while in Colorado.  I absolutely loved it.  Those people and places are my alter ego.  For many years, while my children were young, we lived out of town and almost entirely off our land.  We had a choice location at 3400 feet with rich soil and the perfect climate.  Those were happy days.  And though I’ve changed my lifestyle to be a bit more conformist these days, believe me, I’m still blazing my own path in whatever way I can.  Which is why I’m presenting the gardening class.  I’m very excited about giving my students, most of which are at risk in one way or another, the chance to feel warm soil between their fingers and eat a salad that is entirely fruit of their labor.

Thanks for your work.  It was a pleasure to watch, and it will be a pleasure to share.

Amy Bright

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