Brooklyn Roof Top Farm Visit

It’s a farm on a rooftop, several stories high, with Manhattan’s skyline as a backdrop.  A farm grows in Brooklyn with chickens among skyscrapers.

A million dollar view for chatty city chicks.

A neighborhood boy told us to go through the blue door then up several flights of stairs to find the farm.  It seemed like no big deal to him, to consider a farm growing on top of a roof, complete with animals.  The garden provides rows of warmly ripening peppers, squash, green beans, artichokes and beets, greens and more.  The  herbs and flowers danced a welcome in the sun while the chatty city chickens captured my interest right away.    I wonder if they consider flying around the  skyscrapers ?  Why would they want to, with so much to eat right here?   Everything I like to eat is right up here ! Can chickens really fly?  Annie Novak, the co-founder of  Eagle Street Roof Top Farms tells how she uses the chickens and coffee grounds from local restaurants to enhance the soil.  Visiting a roof top garden was at the top of my list for my visit to NYC and thanks to a good friend, I got my wish.   Check out: The Birds On That Brooklyn Rooftop: Chickens.

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