Fresh Food and Farming

What I like about Farmer’s Markets.

At least once a week, I need the sensual tonic of a farmer’s market, where the friendly pleasures of homegrown food nourish me even before I take my first bite.  With a basket on my arm and dollars in my pocket, I dance along to ethnic tunes, through isles of other smiling shoppers, with large totes brimmed with divinely colored vegetables and fruits.I love most, the markets that stimulate all of my senses, from my first glimpse of the plump soft beauty of peaches or handsome leeks and beets to the tantalizing scents of earth’s delicate aromas, wafting in the air. I savor samples and listen for the crackle of a bite into a crisp apple, cut of a cabbage, stroke the doodled head of a cauliflower, or trace my fingers across the etching of a cantaloupe, before cooling my lips on it’s succulent sweetness. Between peeping potatoes, and nosey peppers are mushrooms that tickle my creative cookery ideas and rutabagas rammy and ready to be sized up for stew. I am touched by dawn’s dew still lingering on the freshly picked veggies, and of the tender toil of sun spotted hands who work with the earth to share it’s healthy bounty with me.  { Mara LeGrand, Visit: – to learn about her award winning family documentary that highlights inspirational farmer’s who grow our food.}

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